Rebates and Incentives

Oil to Heat Pump Program

Up to $2,100 in incentives for upgrading from an oil heating system to an air source heat pump, available to homeowners in all areas of the Comox Valley. 

Wood Stove Exchange Program

Rebates available to upgrade a non-EPA wood stove to new qualified heating appliances, including wood, pellet, or gas stoves & heat pumps.

BC Hydro & FortisBC Home Renovation Rebate Program

Multiple incentives available for increasing home energy efficiency.

Smart Control Irrigation Rebate

$300 rebate for the purchase of a qualifying smart irrigation controller

Water Leak Rebate

Billing adjustment for homeowners that have experienced a water leak resulting in above average consumption of water.

PLAY – Providing Leisure Access for You Program

Provides access to recreation programs for low income families.